Set Up And Go
Delivering the Fundamentals for Business Growth

SET UP AND GO will help you to increase your client and contact base, the strength of your brand and ultimately your sales and profits.

Set Up And Go has an extensive network of business people and professional business suppliers such as accountants, lawyers, bankers, private equity houses, commercial and residential property companies etc. Introductions at a personal level are the most powerful way of growing your business and access to these individuals and their corporate teams has proven to be of great value to our clients.

We have an established presence within a number of professional trade/governing bodies. Such organisations hold regular meetings, seminars, workshops, AGMs - both nationally and regionally - and we are able to introduce our clients to these powerful bodies and their members. We can just as easily identify those governing bodies relevant to your business/industry and help you establish a personal and corporate presence within that desired community.

We are experienced at high-number, high-quality response marketing. Professionally implementing a long-term campaign by preparing an extensive database, formatting the correct method of communication (letter, brochure, email) and dispatching it efficiently will get your message out to a vast number of potential clients. Those who respond will be quality, pre-qualified leads for you to follow-up, the time wasters having already been eliminated. Direct marketing is a vital but enormously time consuming part of your business growth strategy and will directly influence the growth and success of your business.

Set Up And Go is experienced at organising promotional activities at seminars, trade shows and other influential events. We can make personal presentations with you and/or on your behalf at high-number group events, at board-level or at face-to-face meetings. We can create and place strategic messages through editorial coverage or paid-for advertisements to complement and complete your business growth strategy.