Set Up And Go
Delivering the Fundamentals for Business Growth
SET UP AND GO is NOT a consultancy;
we deliver real solutions and real products... you develop real fast!
We are a company that...
• Helps you to establish and develop your new brand
• Delivers your branded business development products
• Specifically designs these for your business, in your market sector
• Works alongside you at your pace and according to your availability
• Will not unduly distract you from your core activity and focus
• Connects you with powerful intermediaries and business networks
Typically you are...
• An entrepreneur, partnership or small business team
• Launching a new company or product
• Wanting to appear as professional as possible, as fast as possible

or you are...
• Re-launching an old brand or product line
• Needing to rejuvenate your 'look and feel'
• Relying on this strategy to boost your business